Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions of Parents and Students who are new to Music Classes at the Secondary Level:

More Coming Soon!

  1. What is MPA? MPA stands for Music Performance Assessment - and annual event that Band and Choir students participate in each ear for a rating
  2. What is S&E? S&E or Solo and Ensemble is an adjudicated event that Band and Choir students participate in each year in January/February where students perform solo works and small ensembles (Duets, Trios, Choirs)
  3. My Child wants to join Band or Chorus? This is exciting news and we would love to have them join the NSBMS Music Family please visit our Future Students Page to give some more info about Band and Chorus or Contact the Director. Additionally, make sure that you student is registered for Band or Chorus with the School office so that they are in the right class from Day 1.
  4. Why are there Fee's associated with Band and Chorus? Unfortunately the State of Florida and the School District don't fund any programs 100%. Our fundraising and the fee's cover the remaining balance that it takes to offer the experiences that are expected in our organization.